Bergen Brygge - the famous colorful docks in Bergen. Old wooden houses in bright colors under the dark green mountain sides on a typical rainy Bergen day.

Best Things To Do In Bergen Norway In 2024

The charming town of Bergen is the capital of the Norwegian “Vestlandet,” the western country, nestled between the Seven Sisters mountain range. I have visited Bergen multiple times over the years, and been based here for long periods of time so I know the city and area very well.

Bergen is infamous for having no less than 239 rainy days in a year, and because of that, rain attire are a fashion statement in Bergen!

Luckily, it normally rains just a portion of the time on rainy days, and also, luckily, the city is so charming people love it anyway. In fact, people in Bergen tend to say, “I am not from Norway, I am from Bergen!”

There are various ways to get to Bergen. You can fly directly to Bergen from abroad, rent a car, and head over here on a beautiful road trip over the Hardangervidda Mountain Plains or take the stunning train journey here from Oslo.

Either way, you definitely should visit. Here are the top things you want to do in Bergen!

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Things To Do In Bergen Norway In The Summer

Charming white wooden houses in Bergen Norway on a sunny day, with colorful details, decorative flowers, and old-fashioned street lamps under the blue sky. Best Things To Do In Bergen Norway
Charming old street in Bergen

As long as the sun is out in Bergen, this is one of the most beautiful and charming cities in Norway!

With the old wooden houses, narrow cobblestoned streets, and beautiful architectural details, Bergen is a town with lots of history and charm.

There is a variety of things to do in Bergen town and also in the immediate surroundings, like the mountain gondola that starts in the city and takes you to the Vidden plains, where you can stay for a day hiking.

Let us start with fun things to do in Bergen in the summer.

  1. Take the gondola or cable car up to the Ulriken or the Floyen
  2. Hike the Vidden Trail between Ulriken and Floyen
  3. Sample fresh fish at the Fisketorget Fish Market in the Inner Harbor
  4. Take the Hurtigruten Cruise Line (formerly the ferry and lifeline between the south and north of Norway) a few stops north and back!
  5. Visit the Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen
  6. Walk up the 900-step steep Stoltzekleiven stone stairs.
  7. Visit Fantoft Stave Church
  8. Go swimming at Nordnes Seabath, Sandviken Seabath, or Helleneset (but remember, the Norwegian fjord temperature is fresh, even in summer!)
  9. Visit the Old Bergen Museum
  10. Visit the Vannkanten Waterworld
  11. Experience penguin feeding in Bergen Aquarium.
  12. Explore the incredibly charming streets of central Bergen

Things To Do In Bergen In The Winter

Colorful houses in Bergen on a cold winter day with barren trees and snow on the ground
Winter streets in Bergen

During the winter in Bergen, outdoor activities within the city are not the most popular things to do as it is either cold and snowy or cold and rainy!

However, there are a variety of activities to do in Bergen City this time of year as well, and some of the outdoor ones are probably for the daring visitors. Norwegians have a saying; “there is no bad weather, only poor clothing”.

So here is the best advice you will get for Norway in the winter!

Winter Activities In Bergen

  1. You can hear up to Floyen and Ulriken in the winter as well; just remember to put on enough warm clothes.
  2. You can even go swimming outdoors in Bergen in the winter, at the Nordnes Seabath!
  3. Go ice bathing at Skomakerdiket Lake on Mount Fløyen (yes, you will dip in the lake through the ice)
  4. Take a sauna cruise on the fjord with CitySaunas.
  5. Go skiing on Vidden, the city’s mountain plains.
  6. Visit Bryggen Museum (the Museum of the Docks)
  7. Spend some time at the Bergen Maritime Museum.
  8. Go for a refreshing drink at Bergen Magic Ice Bar
  9. Take a boat fjord tour
  10. Dine at Lysverket (the light works), a Michelin-star restaurant.

📍 Quick facts about Norway:

  • Population 5 million
  • Capital city: Oslo
  • Language: Norwegian (most people speak English)
  • Currency: Norwegian Krone (currency calculator)
  • Coastline: 62000 miles
  • Has territory in the Arctic region
  • Midnight Sun in summer and Northern Lights in winter

FAQ Bergen

Is 2 Days In Bergen Enough?

You will get a lot done in the center of Bergen in two days, so if your plan is to just explore the town, two days can be enough.

If you want to explore more of the mountains, the fjords, or do some tours in the area, two days will probably not be enough to really enjoy the adventures this area has to offer!

Is Bergen Worth Visiting?

I would say yes, Bergen is worth visiting. Both the town in itself, with lots of unique history (Bergen used to be a sea trade center centuries ago), as well as nightlife, shopping, culture and nature experiences nearby that visitors tend to love (and I do too!).

Wrap-Up Best Things To Do In Bergen Norway

There you have it, I hope this has helped to decide to visit Bergen, and plan you itinerary for your stay!

Even on rainy days in the summer, Bergen is charming. Do as the locals do, get yourself a bright yellow rain jacket and hat, or a colorful umbrella, and head out on the town!

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