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Welcome To Norway!

And a warm greeting from the Norwegian mountains in autumn colors in this photo; this was a particularly beautiful hike a few years ago!

Mountains like these are what I really want you to experience, as well as all the other incredible nature experiences you can collect and hide in your heart in Norway.

I have become a wandering soul in a traveling body after a 20+ years career in the Norwegian army, serving both at home and overseas in conflict zones.

A few years ago, I decided to change my life completely around, leave the service, and become a full-time traveler!

I am also a Master of Political Science, a TEDx Speaker, and an ICF certified coach, so life is very multi-hatted these days!

My first travel blog is helping you find the best journeys of your life in a completely different part of the world: The Caribbean and the Americas, with Epic Nomad Life.

Despite my longing to travel to faraway lands, Norway is possibly my favorite country on the planet (I know, I am biased).

Although the winters can become a bit excessively cold and dark, even for a seasoned shield maiden.

Oslo is an incredibly cool capital, a tiny Metropole where you can swim in the inner harbor in the summer, and it is still only 25 minutes from wild nature, hiking, and skiing, and just a few hours from the high mountains!

Late summer in one of the islands in the Oslo Fjord. Welcome to travel to Norway!
Also me! Greetings from one of the islands in the Oslo Fjord in late summer!

The western fjords around Bergen are magnificent, and the Trondheim cathedral, which is also the end city for a pilgrimage, is full of northern history.

Then you cross the polar circle, driving (or flying) across the “vidda,” the vast mountainous plains, before you enter the polar world of Norway.

The weather is harsh, but the people are warm in Harstad, Narvik, Tromso, and all the way up to Nordkapp, the northernmost point of the Norwegian mainland.

And on top of Norway, far off the mainland, closer to the North Pole, is Svalbard, a vast island group that we share with Russia.

This territory has pitch-dark winters, neverending light summers, and polar bears in the capital, Longyearbyen, when you least expect it!

As I happened to have been so lucky to grow up in this magnificent little country on top of the world, it is time to share the awesomeness of this northern nation with you.

I will help you navigate everything you need to know before you plan and book your trip to Polar Norway, so don worry.

And again, welcome to Norway!

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  • Master of Social Science, Nord University
  • International Politics, Cultural Understanding, and Conflict Studies Masters Degree
  • Bachelor of Social Science Nord University
  • Norwegian Officers Academy Krigsskolen
  • Norwegian Basic Officers School
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  • ICF Certified Professional Life Coach
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